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Dragonball Z Movie Collection 4 Super Android 13/Bojack Unbound
Released By: Manga Entertainment
Rating: PG
Running Time: 95 Mins
Audio: English with Japanese subs
Due Out: 15/01/2018
Reviewed By: Sandra Scholes 

As there are a whole range of these movie collections like the one I reviewed here is one that stands out. On one disc are two movies Super Android 13 and Bojack Unbound.

In Super Android 13, Doctor Gero is killed by one of his creations. Never let it be said that anime is only for kids; the first scene we get to see is rather gruesome. Just so you know. Artificial Human No. 17 is to blame for not only killing his father, but showing no emotion while doing so.

Doctor Gero far from being a unknown had left a legacy; a huge computer that continues to create more artificial humans. Goku and his friends are taking some time out to go shopping, which is reminiscent of what happened to most of us before Christmas - everyone scrambling for the best deals on clothes and toys.

Here Goku has to carry a stack of bags for mum as she shops with ease while other shoppers hit the sales with a frenzy. The happy feeling that comes with shopping is soon over when Super Android 13 and his best buddy make an appearance tearing through the streets. I find it surprising that once Goku meets the two of them he knows they aren't human as they give off no ki. And to top it off he knows they are the product of Doctor Gero's work.

Lightening fast fight scenes have got a lot to do with the popularity of this anime. That and the fact there are some fan-service scenes for the adults too. The story concentrates on Doctor Gero who wanted revenge on Goku, transferring his hatred into the computer that created several more artificial humans sent to kill him. In Blade Runner style they wanted independence, offing their creator while at the sane time vowing to kill Goku and anyone else who gets in their way.

In Bojack Unbound, they say money can buy you anything and multimillionaire Gyosan Money is hosting a tournament where humans face aliens in combat. Money tells the media who go to the venue that he has hosted the tournament for his son, the aptly named Doll as he plays with them all the time, even in public. He also sports a Satan badge on his cap at the tournament, which is another example of how the translation from Japanese to English doesn't go to plan. When the battles take place, the winner takes away one hundred million zeni with the runners up getting an all expenses paid trip to a luxury spa.

We find out why Satan is on Doll's badge though, Mister Satan is the most popular sportsman who will be a worthy challenger at the tournament. Think Don Kanonji from Bleach and you won't go far wrong. As the one who defeated Cell, he holds a special honour as the best around and this isn't welcome news to Goku and co.

There are rules to this tournament though that to anyone else would baffle them: if you fall out of the ring you lose and if you use weapons of any kind you will be disqualified. A nice touch is when we hear about Trunks defeating No. 17 and No. 18 as a throwback to the previous movie.

Mister Satan may have a great reputation but when it comes to his turn to fight at the tournament, he looks like he might have second thoughts when he sees who his opponents are. Goku and Trunks take on some of the strongest competitors, even those who intend to fight to the death. What Bojack Unbound has a lot of is action with a dose of humour and some explosive scenes.

Together Super Android 13 and Bojack Unbound are perfect for the seasoned fan and those who want to see whether the series is any good from watching the movies.

Bonus Material: Trailers for other anime series & movies.

Verdict: Everything you need as a fan of the series!

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